Final Wedding Day details

Your big day is almost here! Using this form will help me help you and keep me from having to ask a million questions via email before the wedding day! Let me know if you have any questions for me. 

Roxanne: 803-522-4691

*Based on the information you fill out below, I will send you a custom detailed timeline for your wedding day. 

Family formals don't have to take longer than 30 minutes! However, this is only possible if we are organized beforehand. Fill in the blanks below with groupings and names. For example: 1. B&G with both parents (Bride's Parents= John & Kate; Grooms Parents= David & Bonnie). These will be shot in order. Keep in mind: Do you have someone that's chronically late? Don't put them in slot one. Don't want grandma coming in and out of shots/groupings? Put her groupings side-by-side.
Photographer arrival time (Based on the number of hours you booked us for, what time would you like us to arrive and depart):
Natural light is key! If you want gorgeous photos of you getting into your dress, try to find a clean and simple space with large windows. Feel free to reach out to me for details!
Reception Events
What special events will be a part of your wedding receptions?
This will help me prepare to shoot your details.
"Borrowing something special? Having a remembrance table? Etc.

Vendor Information

*Vendor information area is so that I can give special credit to all the wonderful vendors that helped with your special day. I usually mention them on each blog post. 

Based on the information you filled out above, I will send you a custom detailed timeline for your wedding day. Let me know if you have any questions!