The Big Reveal

The wait is over. It is time to finally reveal all the awesome changes coming to RoxannePhotography. I have been nervous, excited, impatient, scared but thrilled to see what is going to happen to my small business. Trent and I have spent months planning and preparing and I can't believe it is finally time to announce it. 


YES. We are now a photography and cinematography business! I can finally stop turning people away who ask about video. I hated to turn people away in the beginning but I knew I wasn't ready. Now, with an awesome mentoring session, many hours of studying and a brand spanking new wedding under our belt we are ready. 

But thats not all! Not only are we going to be offering cinematography, I have a new member helping me. Trent (my husband for those that don't know) will be shooting cinema weddings with me! I love that he was excited to join with me and it's so much fun having him with me during weddings. He keeps me on my toes and calms my nerves. 

Oh and one last big surprise....We are rebranding for all of our business changes. We are ditching RoxannePhotography and welcoming the brand new name called Still Co. with a complete new logo featuring a bowtie of course ;) (designed by the talented Klayton Kennedy Designs).

During the next few weeks we will be upgrading all of our social media accounts, including our website and email. You will still be able to reach me at but soon that will be changing. If you are interested in reaching out to us about filming or photographing your wedding just shoot me an email or fill out a form on the website. 

To review, we are now offering cinematography and photography, we are changing our name to Still Co. and Trent is joining me in shooting cinema weddings. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my business and followed it from the beginning. I hope you are all just as excited as we are during this new journey! 

Oh and to kick off the big announcement, here is Sara & Will's wedding film from this past weekend in LaFayette, GA at Debarge Vineyards. What an epic venue to shoot at! We loved every minute of it. Congrats to Sara & Will and thanks for having us!