Wedding Information

We are husband and wife wedding photographers and videographers based in Aiken, South Carolina. Roxanne works as the lead photographer, editor and operator of everything you see here at Still Co. and who you will be in constant contact with. Although Trent is not seen as much, he is a vital part of making everything run smoothly. He works as the second shooter on the wedding day (or lead video shooter), getting a lot of those behind the scenes moments. He is crucial in helping in every little way that is vital to our process. Although we are based in South Carolina, we are always up for traveling. Don't hesitate to reach out if your wedding isn't in SC. 

We care about authentic emotions and we work to capture those special memories for you as you experience them. Our goal is to document your wedding day as candidly as possible with little interruptions. Your wedding memories matter more to us than our portfolio. Because in the end it isn't our wedding, it's yours and we want YOUR wedding to portray the two of you. We would rather see the love you two have for one another be shown naturally so that your laughter and smiling is real and your pictures show the true emotion and excitement of your wedding day. 

We are easy to work with and are acclimated to how the process of a wedding day works. We know that sometimes things don't go as planned on a wedding day and we can easily adjust to whatever your wedding day entails. 


Photo collections begin at $4,200

Video collections begin

at $2000

Portrait sessions begin at $500


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