Pete and Kendall's Engagement Session

We loved spending time getting to know Pete and Kendall during their engagement session! It’s not often we get to go to the city for portraits, but this time we did and it was so beautiful! Pete and Kendall had all their favorite spots picked out so were able to spend time talking, walking, getting Starbucks, and of course, taking photos. Pete might have been a bit hesitant about all the picture taking in the beginning, but in the end he said he had so much fun ;)!

We are so looking forward to their November wedding this year! Read more about how they met below! I always love these stories!

“Pete and Kendall met at Birdsong Brewery in Charlotte. Pete was ordering a beer at the bar when Kendall noticed him. Pete ordered a beer that they no longer had on draft. The bar tender walked away and took a really long time to come back to this kind and patient man to get his order. Kendall asked him what he wanted to drink and told him that she'd order it for him. Kendall ordered a drink for Pete and herself :) Pete paid (seems to be a reoccurring theme in our relationship) and they started talking. Kendall did most of the talking (another theme in our relationship) and Pete listened intently. Kendall apologized for talking so much and Pete said, "don't apologize, I like it." Kendall may have known in that moment that he was the one and the rest is history as they say :).”